Author: Talha Uddin

Why Design Thinking Matters

Why Design Thinking Matters Design thinking in everyday vernacular risks becoming an obsolete term used thrown around to add “cool factor”, sometimes an effort to woo the client with a new way of problem solving. The overused term has lost its meaning and its misuse has misplaced its true essence. You see Design Thinking is […]

We Go to 11

We Go to 11 This week Mentors Fund invested in our 11th startup. It’s been just over a year since we started meeting entrepreneurs (April 2017): we have grown about 50 partners strong (entrepreneurs, executives and academics across 7 states and 4 countries), seen over 60 deals and invested in 11 startups across 8 US […]

First Call

First Call The very first call we made letting an entrepreneur know the good news was to Farooq Anjum of Groguru. In many ways Groguru was the prototypical startup we sought: it was technology (iOT) meets traditional industry (agriculture). It had the best validation of its product’s value: customers. Its entrepreneur-CEO was highly capital efficient […]

Unicorns are Mythical and Other Philosophies

Unicorns are mythical. Product-Market fit is real. We love billion dollar ideas as much as the next guy. But we are not big fans of the “IPO or bust” philosophy. We would rather see entrepreneurs chase the less-mythical-but-still-rare product-market fit. If they build must-have products for sizeable markets, there is a happy outcome for all […]


Genesis A little over a year ago, I realized that I wanted to be part of many more entrepreneurial journeys than just my own. And I wanted to do this without letting go of my own entrepreneurial journey(s) and becoming a full time investor. My goal was to contribute part of my time and capital […]