We Go to 11

We Go to 11

This week Mentors Fund invested in our 11th startup.

It’s been just over a year since we started meeting entrepreneurs (April 2017): we have grown about 50 partners strong (entrepreneurs, executives and academics across 7 states and 4 countries), seen over 60 deals and invested in 11 startups across 8 US states. At our current rate we will be part of over 40 entrepreneurial journeys (other than our own).

Here are the 11 sets of entrepreneurs whose journeys we have collectively committed to support:

1. Groguru (San Diego, CA)

Precision Soil and Irrigation Monitoring System
Entrepreneurs: Anjum Farooq; Jeff Campbell

2. Alyce (Boston, MA)

AI powered customer engagement, one perfect gift at a time
Entrepreneurs: Greg Segall; Ryan Eckenrode

3. Margin (New York, NY)

Helps consumer claim price protection savings offered by credit cards by automating the
manual process of tracking receipts and file claims
Entrepreneurs: Tristan Mace; Scott Howard

4. Realwear (Vancouver, WA)

Hands-free industrial head-mounted tablet for industrial workers
Entrepreneurs: Sanjay Jhawa; Andy Lowry; Kenneth Lustig; Brian Hamilton

5. Medaptive (New York, NY)

STREAMLINED HEALTHCARE ENGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS: HIPAA-compliant, branded patient engagement apps in minutes.
Entrepreneurs: Clay Williams, Michael Rogan, Jeremy Block, Eric Kroll

6. Pyze (Redwood City, CA)

Uses AI to help companies understand user behavior across all platforms and build meaningful relationships with users.
Entrepreneurs: Prabhjoy Singh; Dicky Singh; Scott Ritchie

7. RedeApp (Louisville, KY)

Helps large companies communicate with all employees, even those without @company email.
Entrepreneurs: Jonathan Erwin; Taylor Phillips; Patrick Goodman; Jaya Plamanabhan

8. IrisVision (Pleasanton, CA)

Wearable aid for the vision-impaired
Entrepreneurs: Dr. Frank Werblin; Ammad Khan

9. Arrivy (Seattle, WA)

Local service management software to connect offices, service technicians and customers.
Entrepreneur: Soban Ahmed

10. Cargo Sense (Reston, VA)

Provides logistics oversight for supply chain networks to reduce costs in the transportation of sensitive goods
Entrepreneurs: Rich Kilmer; Mark Gardner

11. Viral Launch (Indianapolis, IN)

Provides tools to Amazon sellers to launch, manage, and grow their product portfolio
Entrepreneur: Casey Gauss

A very hearty “welcome to our family” to all our entrepreneurs. And a belated happy anniversary to all our partners.

Umair Khan
May 2018